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Why Choose Wood?
Find out why our specialist joiners choose wood over the alternatives
With over 30 years of combined experience in crafting bespoke joinery
projects, our joiners have a wealth of knowledge of the trade, providing a friendly, prompt and
reliable service which is second to none. We also offer fantastic prices and will undertake
any joinery job, no job is too small for us.
  • Wood is naturally a beautiful material to both use around your home, and work with.

  • With many selections of woods to choose from, you can add warmth and character to a room.

  • Using wood offers amazing value for money, especially when compared with other high quality materials.

  • Wood is tough and durable for everyday use. It can withstand daily knocks and bumps and take them in its stride. Wood has been used within the home for many lifetimes and with little care and maintenance it will last for an incredible amount of time.

  • As your wood ages, it also develops a patina which is part of its character, helping to achieve that rustic country look.
  • Wood is easy to maintain and free of dust mites and bacteria, leaving your house a clean and natural environment without the use of detergents.

  • Wood’s properties make it act as a natural humidity regulator; this allows it to absorb humidity in damp conditions and releasing moisture in dry conditions to help keep a healthy balance.

  • Wood can easily be repaired, and as wood is such a joy to work with, matching materials and styles is simple.

  • Wood is the only naturally renewable mainstream building material. Over 90% of the wood we use comes from Europe's forests,1 which are growing by 661,000 hectares every year2 - that's an area the size of three football pitches every hour of the day and night.

    For added reassurance, look for certified timber. FSC, PEFC, SFI or CSA are the schemes recognized by the government's Central Point of Expertise on Timber (CPET) as evidence of sustainability and legality. CPET also recognizes MTCC (Malaysian Timber Certification Council) as evidence of legality 
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